Backside Of Lynchburg

Another scene from downtown Lynchburg.

Another black and white cityscape featuring the wonderful city of Lynchburg, Virginia. This one was done from the back end of Lynchburg, right at the start of the local Riverwalk. This is more of an experimental piece than anything else. I originally wanted to draw what I was seeing “as is”. But after drawing the background building I wasn’t terribly happy with it. So I opted to go noir, and colored it in black hoping it would create a pleasant contrast with the building in the foreground. It worked I think, but still, all that black is pretty overpowering and presents a rather ominous appearance. Looking on it now I think I overdrew this piece. But it’s hard to tell how much line and detail is “too much” and is simply cluttering up my drawing while I’m drawing it. Still, not a bad picture.

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