Bedford, Virginia

Bedford, Virginia

Bedford, Virginia. My hometown and the stomping grounds of my family for the last two hundred years. Bedford is like a lot of small towns scattered across the country. But it’s special because it’s home to me.

I’ve seen this view of Bedford ten thousand times throughout my life, and due to my having seen it so much I nearly talked myself out of drawing it. It’s just an ordinary scene as you can see and there’s nothing remarkable about it. But I needed to do some drawing somewhere, and I was already here, so I got busy and pulled out my pencil, paper, and lap board. And got busy drawing what I saw. It turned out to be a more complicated scene than I realized. The iconic bell tower on our courthouse is the focal point. And the Bedford Museum, the Chamber of Commerce and other buildings just sort of flow around it and take their respective places in a quiet subordination. No fuss, no hassle. That’s the Bedford way.

It took a lot of penciling to get it down and even more inking to bring it to life. But man what a picture! Even in black and white Bedford truly looks remarkable. You should stop by and hang around if you are ever in the area.

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