Wheel Bug

Drawing of a common Wheel Bug.

Wheel Bugs, a type of assassin bug, are quite common around in my part of Virginia and often seen this time of year. They are the sort of bug, that once you’ve seen one, are hard to forget. Admittedly being rather ghastly looking, wheel bugs really are quite helpful to gardeners as they eat a lot of caterpillars, Japanese Beetles, and other undesirables that plague our beloved plants. God didn’t exactly make them pretty and they sure won’t win any ribbons at the county fair for good looks. Being a big and weird looking critter tends to get you noticed. And since most people don’t care for having large bugs around in their vicinity, they may then be tempted to grab it or pick them up. Don’t do that!!! Only look and never try to pick one up with your bare hands as wheel bugs bite, and do so viciously. While not dangerous to your health, they still hurt like blazes with that ice-pick beak of theirs. Which is plenty reason enough for me to leave them alone.

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