A Summer Cicada

Common cicada

One of the things I associate with summertime are cicadas. They are more often heard than seen as they make quite a racket when calling for mates. But it’s a cacophony that I enjoy hearing and their mating calls are one of the distinctively soothing sounds unique to summer. Every time I hear one a’buzzing away high in the trees it always takes my mind off my troubles, even if for a little bit, that all is still well with mamma nature.

I found this guy lying dead on the sidewalks at my church when I came by this past Sunday for worship. I’d been wanting to draw a cicada before they disappear with the coming fall. I scooped him up and dropped him in a styrofoam cup which I then placed in my car. I took some creative liberties and drew this cicada clinging to a wall to give the picture some context and reality.

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