Lynchburg Baptist Hospital

Lynchburg Baptist Hospital

The Lynchburg Baptist Hospital has a distinctive cupola on its roof which I’ve long admired. I’ve been telling myself that one of these days I’m gonna draw it. Well today was that day! I happened to be in Lynchburg and had just enough time to draw something quick before I had to move on to another appointment.

I wasn’t so careful drawing this as I generally like to be with my illustrations. Architecture is tough to render anyway and I let myself get more carefree and sloppy with the inking. Mostly just to see what would happen more than anything. Looking on it now I’d say I added too much black to the cupola itself. It’s actually painted white which might be tough to tell from my picture. I’m sure I’ll draw it again sometime in the near future. And when I do I think I’ll take a different approach to drawing this in particular, and maybe architecture in general.

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