A Country Toad

Toad in the grass

I was out watering my plants this evening and found this guy nearby. Toads are always charming critters in their squat, warty ways. At least to me! He was quite small by toad standards, so I presume he’s still young and growing. Toads are a lot of fun to play with (ask any kid!) and I couldn’t pass this guy up without trying to get a drawing or two of him. It’s not every day one gets to see a toad and likely this will be the last one I’ll see this year before winter sets in. As with many youngins this toad was also quite energetic, antsy, and wouldn’t stay in one place for terribly long. Making my drawing rather challenging. Had to set, and reset him, several times before I got him down. Since he had places to go (as did I) I opted to limiting my drawing session with him to this one drawing. Which you see here.

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