Old, Old Chimney

old, old chimney

I really need to learn to draw more carefully and slowly. This one was definitely a rush job, and certainly those can be fun and dramatic too. But often that speed and spontaneity comes at the expense of quality. Details and objects start merging into each other making it tougher to understand what’s going on in a drawing. Oh well, live and learn! It takes a LOT of drawing for the artist to develop the judgement to know where and how he wants to lay his inks to create the picture he desires. Which wasn’t really the case here.

This is a drawing of an old chimney located in a field near where I live. It dates sometime before the Civil War and is all that’s left of a house that’s long since fallen in and returned to dust. If I’m not mistaken I think this particular house was originally a slave cabin for the slave family that the land owners possessed at the time. But I can’t remember for sure but I do remember the ruins of a cabin being in that general area thirty years ago when I was a kid.

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