Main Drag Thru Bedford

Main drag thru Bedford, Virginia

It’s looking more fall-like every day now in this small town (even tho fall seems to be running kinda late this year). Fall can put a fella in all kinds of pleasant moods, one of which is to whip out my phone and start taking pictures with it. I’m not much of a photographer but while I was waltzing around in Bedford the other day and minding my own business, this particular scene jumped out at me insisting I take a photo of it. A clean shot of Bedford’s Main Street that’s leading off towards Bedford’s Centertown area with the court steeple gracing the background. I liked the composition of this and knew it would make a superb little drawing whenever I got around to drawing it. Which I did last night! I only wish I could have captured the fall colors that’s coming on. But that’s nigh impossible when you limit yourself to simply drawing in black ink on white paper.

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