Rubatex Plant In Bedford Va

Drawing of the old Rubatex factory in Bedford, Virginia


Another beautiful fall day here in Bedford Va which found me passing by the old Rubatex plant that you see pictured here.  Sadly one of many abandoned places in America.  The sunlight happened to be hitting it in such a way that cast a lot of interesting shadows across the building and finding something to draw was on my bucket list for the day.  Drawing Rubatex was something I had been wanting to do for some time so I decided today was going to be the day to hit it.  The weather was perfect for sitting outside and I’m always looking for an excuse to soak up  some sun, so that’s all the reason I needed to park my car in a nearby lot somewhere and then scope out a place where I could sit and draw.

I found a convenient little perch near the tracks with a great view of the place.  Other than the train rolling by mid-way thru my drawing session, I drew this piece without any troubles.  Like many old and abandoned factories Rubatex is a big and imposing place.  Now sadly just a ruins of what it once used to be.  There’s a certain beauty in the decay, but it’s a fact of life now that it’s glory days are long past.  I can remember well the days when this place was bustling with activity.  Many of the people I knew worked there.  It was, hands down, the largest employer in town.  But as with many other manufacturing dinosaurs making up the bulk of American industry the day came when it was no longer economical for them to operate here.  And closed up shop despite the hoopla raised for them to stay.  I had moved out of town by that point so didn’t get to witness the drama firsthand.  I don’t know the specifics since I wasn’t around to see it, but I’m sure Bedford took a real hit to the wallet for it.  But little Bedford is living proof that better days do eventually come by if one is patient enough to wait for them and to persevere.  I’m pleased to report it’s doing well nowadays.

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