An Old Civil War Cemetery

Old Civil War cemetary in downtown Lynchburg, Virginia

Lynchburg, Virginia is steeped in history. Among the many sites of historical interest is the old civil war cemetery located in the downtown district. It’s a sprawling cemetery within an even larger park that’s very peaceful and serene and is a pleasant get-away from the hustle and traffic of the city. Certainly I’ve never been an eye witness to the Civil War, nor have I ever known anyone who fought in, or was directly involved in it. Needless to say, everyone from that day and time had long been dead by the time I came along a hundred or so years later in ’73. But even a fella like me can’t help but marvel at what a catastrophic event the Civil War was and the sheer numbers of the dead who fought and perished in that skirmish. Even for a local place like Lynchburg, and with a population that’s miniscule compared to what it is today, the death toll must have been absolutely staggering. Almost beyond comprehension. The stories that those who lie beneath these graves could tell if they could only speak.

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