Having Some Fun Drawing The Bedford Welcome Center

Drawing of the Bedford Welcome Center

Yesterday morning I swung by the Bedford Welcome Center to help our local Ruritans Club set up their Christmas Tree. It’s sorta a tradition around here in which all the various organizations will set up a Christmas Tree of their own and then have a contest to see who has the best tree. I doubt it’ll be ours! Oh well, it’s the first tree I’ve decorated in a long time so I enjoyed myself. And I guess that’s the main thing.

Afterwards, while sitting in my car, I decided to take a stab at drawing the Bedford Welcome Center. It’s a pretty complicated layout and I didn’t do the best of jobs getting the line work down. Drawing in a car is kinda difficult too since arm movement is fairly restricted. I made the best of it and the resulting pencil drawing was respectable. Even if I made a few goofs. The inking didn’t go so well, or let’s just say I changed my mind midway through inking this. Rather than finish this piece I’ll simply file it away and start a new drawing tomorrow. Second drawings almost always turn out better than the first ones do.

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