Check Out Fisher’s Restaurant Next Time You’re In Town

Fisher's Restaurant in Bedford, Virginia

So what should I draw next?  How about Fisher’s Restaurant?  Yeah, that’s a good choice.  They haven’t been in business all that long, maybe a couple years is all.  Many years ago, before my time really, this very building housed the original Fisher’s Restaurant that was quite popular with the citizens in town.  Eventually, after many years of service and meals served, they decided to call it a day and closed up shop for good.  There’s never been a good replacement for Fisher’s since.  Between laying vacant to hosting a number of small businesses and eating joints nothing ever really clicked.

Since the original Fisher’s days that part of town has changed a lot.  A number of businesses that were neighbors to Fisher’s restaurant had since closed up or relocated to another part of town.  Still plenty of traffic driving by but not many reasons to stop in that part of town now unfortunately.  Thankfully the children of the Fisher family that first started the restaurant waxed nostalgic about the good ol’ days when Fisher’s was in business and wanted to bring it back again.  And so they did!  The town folk are plenty grateful for Fisher’s coming back and they seem to be doing well.  Home cooking is their specialty and it’s every bit as good as mama did it.  And they don’t charge much more than mother would have either, so it’s quite economical to boot.  They are located by the train tracks adjacent to the old Southern States building if you are ever in town.

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