Knocking Around In Bedford, Virginia

Downtown Bedford, Virginia

Bedford, Virginia probably looks like a lot of small American towns.  I should know after all because I’ve traveled through a number of them.   I used more gray wash (and less ink) for this piece than I typically do in my work.  Mostly just to be a little different tonight and to see exactly how grays look and perform in my otherwise black and white world.

This view of Bedford is looking up towards Main Street from the Vista Grocery Store parking lot.   The city’s Administration building is the large blocky building at the right hand side of this picture with various other stores and whatnot trailing off away from it.  Even though it’s just after Thanksgiving now I actually took this picture I think in late spring or perhaps early summer at the latest.  Only now am I getting around to drawing it and showing it off to the world.  Just another night of drawing practice far as I’m concerned.


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