Koto Japanese Steakhouse In Lynchburg, Virginia

Koto Japanese Steakhouse in Lynchburg, Virginia

You never know when the urge to draw something will hit. I had gotten a late start to getting to Lynchburg a couple days ago so I was more than ready to get back home at the end of the trip. Heading on my way out I happened to have passed Koto Japanese Steakhouse and it’s always a pleasant building to gaze upon. The late evening sunlight really put the spotlight on it, making it even more marvelous to behold. I was sorely tempted to stop there and grab supper since I hadn’t eaten there in a long time. But I’m counting my pennies these days, and since I wasn’t particularly hungry at the time, it was fairly easy for me to be stingy and just forego supper altogether. A pity for them, and me too I suppose, as the food is quite good and not pricey at all by Japanese standards. I didn’t really need to eat, but by gum, I wasn’t going to leave that place until I had a quality drawing of the premises in my hands. Which is what you see here.

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