Final Days Of Vista Food

Vista Grocery Store in Bedford, Virginia

Bedford holds a lot of memories for me and Vista Food is no exception. I remember my mom hauling my little brother, sis, and myself on many a grocery trip here whenever we were in town. The place remains essentially the same today as I remember it from back during my earliest childhood memories forty years ago. As the years rolled on and Walmart came to town and other competition established themselves good ol’ Vista has remained a trusty stalwart and an icon serving any and all who stopped by. It’s certainly the place to go for veggies and other fresh produce. Always has been. Even with the Walmart supercenter close by I still get most of my groceries from Vista.

I learned recently that Vista had been bought out and the owners, I’m guessing, wanted to get out of the business and retire. Can’t say I blame them. Not sure what will become of this place once they close down. Which I think is scheduled for the end of the month. Can’t say that I’m surprised and I assumed this day would come eventually. But I still hoped it was much further into the future than 2018.

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