An old local farm house

This drawing is kinda nostalgic for me and a walk back through a few decades in time. It features the old Cutshaw residence, local neighbors of mine, and is a place I and my brother and sis spent a fair amount of time as kids. Either being babysat by the kindly old couple who lived there or whenever my folks dropped by to visit. The Cutshaws were close friends of my family and both of them are long gone now. The place hasn’t changed much at all from the days when I was knocking around there. Trudy, we often affectionately referred to her as “Grandma Trudy, even though she wasn’t a blood relative to us but we loved her as if she were, was quite a character. A lively vivacious kind of gal who enjoyed talking to you just as much as you enjoyed listening to her regale about whatever was going on in the neighborhood and the world at large. Noah, her husband, I didn’t know nearly so well, died when I was but barely a teenager. I do remember him being a quiet sort of man, but a good soul too. They may be gone but certainly not forgotten.